Stoic Tapas
Adopting a life philosophy can have a huge impact on your life, I chose Stoicism. 05. Aug, 2017

Putting myself out there
Writing is easy, putting yourself out there - not so much. 31. Oct, 2016

Practicing poverty
Start your way into minimalism with the stoic technique of "practicing poverty" 04. Sep, 2015

My Biggest Productivity Hack
The story about my journey of trying to lose 15 kilos of bodyweight. 25. Aug, 2015

Workspace - June 2015
A guest post about my current workspace that I've written for 06. Jun, 2015

Why I don't read the news
A short article on why I try to avoid news like the plague. 02. Jun, 2015

The death of individuality online
The web is an amazing tool that allows us to freely express ourselves. Don't keep yourself confined to a system just for the sake of convenience. 12. Jun, 2014

Cutting down
Three weeks ago, I returned from my trip to Japan. Here's the one thing I've learned. 02. Sep, 2013

Rails Girls Zurich, thoughts
My thoughts and insights on coaching at Rails Girls for the first time. 09. Nov, 2012

Waking up early
Waking up at the same time every mornig is crucial to establishing a daily routine. Here are 10 things that helped me wake up earlier and more regularily. 11. Apr, 2012