Rodrigo Hänggi

Researcher, designer, software writer, mover, hobby philosopher and lifelong learner.

Current Workout Routine
Breakdown of my current workout routine.

Escaping the YouTube black hole
YouTube can be a blessing and a curse at the same time. Reclaim your time with this simple hack.

Jobs to be Done
Customers are not interested in your solution. They are only interested in their problems. So what job is your product or service solving? How does it make your customers’ lives better?

On Designing and Writing Software
This is where I try to capture everything that I've learned about designing and writing software.

Where there is life, there is movement. It is part of our DNA, as that of every species. It is a basic need we all feel, like the one for food, water and sleep. Movement training is a crucial part of health, right up there with food and rest. Yet, somehow, movement didn’t make into countless aspects of modern daily life, especially in the western world.

Stoic Tapas
Adopting a life philosophy can have a huge impact on your life, I chose Stoicism.

Putting myself out there
Writing is easy, putting yourself out there - not so much.

Practicing poverty
Start your way into minimalism with the stoic technique of "practicing poverty"

Getting lean on the Ketogenic diet
The story about my journey of trying to lose 15 kilos of bodyweight.

Workspace (June 2015 Edition)
A guest post about my current workspace that I've written for

Why I don't read the news
A short article on why I try to avoid news like the plague.

The death of individuality online
The web is an amazing tool that allows us to freely express ourselves. Don't keep yourself confined to a system just for the sake of convenience.

Cutting down
Three weeks ago, I returned from my trip to Japan. Here's the one thing I've learned.

Rails Girls Zurich 2012, thoughts
My thoughts and insights on coaching at Rails Girls for the first time.

Waking up early
Waking up at the same time every mornig is crucial to establishing a daily routine. Here are 10 things that helped me wake up earlier and more regularily.